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The transportation process of YUCHEN digital cutting machine

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The transportation process of YUCHEN digital cutting machine

For international transportation considerations, most machines need to be transported in various ways. The rugged roads, complicated sea conditions and more than ten days of transportation make you doubt the reliability of the Yuchen machine packaging process. How is the quality of the packaging? Is the box ready? Is the space effectively used? Today I will take you to check the packaging process of Iko.


1. Preparation before loading the machine

Yuchen chooses plywood boxes and wooden boxes for fumigation and packaging machines for free. Plywood is stronger than ordinary boards or boards. Due to the way plywood is constructed, it can resist cracking, bending, warping and shrinkage. Depending on the machine model and material, some machines also use steel to build a frame outside the wooden box to better protect the machine.


After confirming that the packaging of the machine is intact, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the inside of the machine during the handling process, the workers will use a forklift to place the goods neatly on the flat ground and wait for the truck to arrive.


2. Machine loading process

After the truck arrived, the workers started packing. The workers planned the space according to the size of the box and the length of the carriage, and chose the best packaging scheme. During the packaging process, two workers work together, one forklift and the other guide the packaging to achieve maximum space utilization while ensuring the safety of cargo transportation.


After the truck arrives, workers will first check the container space to arrange the best loading method, achieve the best space utilization, and ensure that the machine is placed correctly.


3. Inspection after the machine is loaded

After loading the goods into the container, the worker will conduct a second inspection to check whether the goods are well placed. The machine will be shipped to your factory as soon as possible by land, water and air to increase your production speed.

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