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There are several types of leather materials

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There are several types of leather materials

    Genuine leather fake leather is the most difficult thing for consumers to distinguish when buying leather products, such as leather shoes, belts, leather bags, leather sofas, etc. Yuchen is engaged in the production and sales of leather cutting machines. In order to cut leather in a funny way, it has deep research on leather materials, and explains that leather materials can be divided into several categories:

    Leather material classification:

    Genuine leather is the raw leather peeled off from various animals such as cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, etc., after tanning and processing in tanneries, it can be made into various leather materials with different strengths, feels, colors and patterns. It belongs to modern single leather. The necessary materials for the sofa. According to different materials, it can be roughly divided into two types: the first layer of leather and the second layer of leather.

    1. The first layer of skin: the first layer of skin can be directly processed from various animal raw skins, or it can be made by cutting the thicker skin of cows, pigs and other animal skins into upper and lower layers, and processing the upper part with tighter fibrous tissue.

    2. Two-layer leather: The two-layer leather is the looser two-layer part of the above-mentioned fiber structure. It needs to be sprayed with chemical materials or processed by PVC or PU film.

    Confusing material: recycled leather

    "Recycled leather" is made by crushing various animal waste skins and leather scraps, and mixing chemical raw materials. The surface processing technology is the same as that of genuine leather trimming leather and embossing leather. Although the edges of the leather are neat, the utilization rate is high, and the price is cheap, the leather body is generally thicker and weaker. The quality of the "single leather sofa" made of it is often not guaranteed.

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