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Wedding Dress Cutting Machine

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Wedding Dress Cutting Machine

Newcomers hope to choose the right wedding dress and show the best of themselves in front of their relatives and friends. Lace, veil, and hollow out all show people's emphasis on wedding dresses, so how to choose the right processing equipment to make unique Wedding dresses have become the top issue in the industry


The fabrics of wedding dresses mainly include silk and satin, bright forging, lace, crystal sand, etc. All kinds of materials promote the emergence and application of cash wedding dress cutting machines. The wide application range and good cutting effect all show that the wedding dress under the vibrating knife cutting machine is definitely the best choice in the industry


Advantages of wedding dress cutting machine

① Double-head asynchronous cutting system with mixed discharge function. The software separates the workpiece and aligns the two cutter heads for asynchronous cutting, which greatly improves machine efficiency and saves materials;

② Large-scale visual cutting system: The linear camera extracts the pattern outline or feature during the conveyor movement, and then performs the corresponding precise cutting; considering the deformation of the flexible fabric, the cutting accuracy is within 1.5mm;

③ Segmented ventilation design: Four independent exhaust fans, automatically identify and locate the cutting area, turn off all other fans, concentrate the cutting area, and save energy;

In addition, the wedding dress cutting machine is widely used in clothing, footwear, home textiles, embroidery, leather, luggage, outdoor, automotive interiors and other fields.

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