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What are the advantages of Yuchen PVC cutting machine?

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What are the advantages of Yuchen PVC cutting machine?

1. PVC soft glass cutting machine adopts advanced high-end four-axis high-speed motion control system with independent intellectual property rights. System upgrades and maintenance are not controlled by third parties. Later maintenance is convenient, high reliability, low cost, because the control is in hand, it is convenient for users to customize and customize special programs for remote upgrades;


2. Adopting the international advanced design concept of replaceable head, the head adopts non-fixed welding integration, which can easily replace and add different function heads according to actual work needs and expansion of business scope;


3. The servo motor drives the screw control mode, and the tool depth can be preset to store the tool pressure. Compared with the old-fashioned pneumatic head, it completely gets rid of the history of manual adjustment of the knife depth based on experience, is easy to digitally adjust, and completely solves the problem that the pneumatic pressure cannot be constant with temperature and time;


4. The controller has been upgraded from the era of computer motherboards to the era of high-performance integrated circuit controllers. It can be connected to any ordinary computer (including laptop) without the need for a special high-end computer. If the computer fails, you can easily replace the ordinary computer operating equipment, and completely eliminate the paralysis of the cutting equipment caused by the computer link failure;


5. Taking into account the actual environmental conditions of the customer, an anti-interference operation screen is specially configured, which will not be affected by the surrounding electronic environment during work and will not waste the screen;


6. Adopt domestic advanced anti-explosion treatment design (to prevent conductive powder from short-circuiting the circuit), and carry out special treatment on the circuit and interface to make the cutting of conductive materials safer;


7. Install a special stabilizing device to effectively reduce the vibration amplitude of the equipment and keep the machine performance stable and accurate for a long time;


8. The equipment adopts advanced and mature workbench design, the size of the platform can be customized, and the theoretical cutting length is not limited.


9. The data interface is a network interface, which can realize remote upgrade and maintenance. It has fast transmission speed and long distance. It can be transmitted with multiple computers at the same time, and can be remotely controlled and upgraded. Compared with the old serial port, the parallel port and PCI interface are more advanced and more convenient;


10. Equipped with various tools, such as vibrating knife, drag knife, round knife (optional drive wheel knife, pneumatic round knife), paint brush tool, etc. According to the different needs of different materials, such as writing and drawing lines, dashed cutting, half-cutting, full-cutting and other functions, it can cut various flexible materials, such as sponge composite leather, metal wire feet, leather, soft glass, silicone rubber materials, etc.

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