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What can I use to cut a blind?

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What can I use to cut a blind?

We all know that there are many types of blinds, zebra, blackout blinds, roman blinds...etc. Different textures have different appearances. Cutting is the first but also very important step.

There are basically three cutting methods, manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

Manually, the ruler calculates the size, and manual cutting consumes a lot of time. At the same time, manual work will also cause defects on the edge of the material or the wrong size, which requires repeated work.

Semi-automatic, compared with manual, the cutting accuracy is improved and the cutting speed is also accelerated, but it is still necessary to manually adjust the size of the material to calculate and move.

These two methods are suitable for small scale and few orders. How about when you have big order? Obviously, it is not enough. It is very likely that you will take goods from other suppliers or maybe you lost the order. Now let's talk about the special features of the automatic cutting machine.

Yuchon's automatic blinds cutting machine can realize size customization. Our two most popular cutting sizes are 4000X3200mm and 3500x3000mm for your reference.

The features of machine:

1. One cutting tool can cut different types of blinds, and curtains.

2. The cutting precision is high and the error is small.

3. Cutting edge is clean and can be used directly.

4. The cutting size software can be directly input, which greatly reduces the time spent on size measurement.

5. 1-2 people can solve the whole cutting process: feeding, cutting, receiving.

You may wonder, "With so many functions of the machine, will it be complicated to operate?" Don't worry, the operation of the software is not complicated. At the same time, we also have one-to-one professional after-sales team training, so that you can start faster and become proficient in your cutting work.

Blinds' simple cutting work start with Yuchon.

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