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What protect you from the sun?

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What protect you from the sun?

In summer, the harmful sun rays prevent us from enjoying the outdoor areas of the home, reducing the chances of sharing entertaining afternoons with your friends on the terrace.

To this end, I will share with you several ways.

One way to avoid the high summer temperatures is by placing awnings on the terrace, the ideal is to select the fabric awning with UV protection, resistant to climatic adversities, protecting the interior of the terrace and your skin. About awnings, common materials are fiberglass, canvas, acrylic,etc.

There is another type -- shade screen. More than just shelter from the sun or UV rays, shade sails also block sight lines for privacy purposes. Sunscreens also limit wind transferal, protecting gardens or lawns. Many use these screens as pergolas, patio or playground covers or in sun rooms.

So what is the role of Yuchen cutting machine?

We know that no matter what the shading method is, there will be different sizes and shapes, and the cutting machine is to complete the cutting of raw materials according to the scene requirements.

1. The machine size can reach a width of 3.2-3.6 meters to meet the width of all material cutting.

2. It has the function of "super format" cutting, which can cut up to 30-40 meters in length.

3. The software can automatically typesetting according to the cut size and shape, without manual work, saving time and materials.

4. The automatic feeding machine cooperates with the feeding rack to easily solve the problem of heavy materials being difficult to move.

5. One machine can meet the cutting needs of cutting different materials.

We already have many customers in outdoor sunshade, high-speed doors, curtains and other industries, lots of experience and materials to share with you. If you want to know more information, please contact us.

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