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Xpe foam Cutting Machine

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Xpe foam Cutting Machine

Xpe foam has many advantages such as waterproof, shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation and strong toughness. With good tensile strength and high cell fineness, XPe has developed extremely rapidly in the sports market in recent years. Common yoga mats, moisture-proof mats, and surfboards are all masterpieces.


YUCHEN XPE Material Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine


1. Control system: adopts high-speed motion control system, system upgrades and maintenance are not controlled by a third party, easy maintenance, high reliability, low cost, because the control right is in hand, it can be easily customized for the individual needs of users Special procedures and remote upgrades;


2. Head design: The design concept of replaceable heads is adopted, and the tool heads are integrated with non-fixed welding. Tool heads with different functions can be easily replaced and added according to actual work needs and business scope expansion;


Working mode: Servo motor drives the screw control mode, and the computer can be linked with the computer to preset and store the knife deep knife pressure according to different needs. Compared with the old-fashioned pneumatic head, bid farewell to the history of manually adjusting the knife deep knife pressure based on experience, which can be convenient Carrying out digital fine-tuning, also solves the problem that the pneumatic pressure fluctuates with temperature and time and cannot be constant;


4. Integrated control: The controller has been upgraded from the era of computer motherboard plug-in cards to the era of high-performance integrated circuit controllers. It can be connected to any ordinary computer (including notebooks). It does not need to be equipped with a high-end computer. It can be convenient if the computer fails. Replace the ordinary computer to operate the equipment, and completely eliminate the paralysis of the cutting equipment caused by the failure of the computer link;


5. Graphic positioning: equipped with drawing and cursor manual positioning function, optional camera automatic positioning function, fast, convenient and accurate cutting of various complex and special-shaped graphics;


6. Platform detection: Specially equipped with automatic platform detection function to compensate the flatness of the table surface, which can reduce the probability of corrugated paper indentation and explosion, and make the half-cut effect better.


7. Anti-interference: Taking into account the complex electromagnetic environment factors actually used by the customer, an anti-interference operation screen is specially configured, which will not be affected by the surrounding electronic environment during work, and will not flicker the screen;


8. Stabilization device: install a special stabilization device to effectively reduce the jitter amplitude of the equipment and keep the machine performance stable and accurate for a long time;


9. Data interface: The data interface is a network interface, which can realize remote upgrade and maintenance. The transmission speed is fast and the distance is long. It can be transmitted with multiple computers at the same time, and can be remotely controlled and upgraded. Compared with the old serial port, parallel port, PCI interface More advanced and more convenient;


10 Tool configuration: equipped with vibrating cutter, drag cutter, stroke tool and optional half cutter, milling cutter, slotting cutter, flying cutter, hob cutter, creasing cutter and other tools, which can realize writing line drawing and dotted line cutting , Half-cut cutting, full-cut cutting, milling cutter cutting, multi-material V-CUT grooving, milling groove, large and small pressure wheel indentation, hard material scratches and other practical functions.

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