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Yoga mat sporting goods intelligent cutting machine

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Yoga mat sporting goods intelligent cutting machine

    Yoga mats and yoga blocks are essential yoga tools advocated by most teachers in the yoga class. The materials are generally divided into 6p-free PVC, rubber mats, TPE mats, EVA mats, latex mats, NBR mats, etc., or soft cotton. A quality or jute mat is an indispensable tool for yoga practitioners, and it is also a must-have product for most yoga teachers.

    Since the core idea of yoga products is to prevent the body from contacting the ground and effectively assist the user to complete the movements, the market has stricter requirements on the material selection and product manufacturing process of products such as yoga mats and yoga blocks. How to ensure faster and more stable production while ensuring product cutting quality has become a problem that manufacturers must face.

    Yuchen digital cutting machine, which is controlled by computer and intelligently imported into the pattern, is a device specially developed by Yuchen for cutting flexible materials. The equipment adopts blade cutting, which is smokeless and odorless, environmentally friendly, and has a cutting speed of 2m/s, which can perfectly solve the problems of low production efficiency and time-consuming manual cutting.


    At the same time, the configuration of Yuchen digital cutting machine adopts Panasonic servo motor, 0.1mm cutting error, automatic feeding, cutting and unloading as a whole, with cutting functions such as cutting, half-cutting, marking, beveling, punching, indentation, etc. , 4 workers on one device, saving labor, materials, and money!

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