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Yuchon 2231 leather cutting machine

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Yuchon 2231 leather cutting machine

    Yuchon leather cutting machine is a model specially designed for leather cutting. Common sizes are 2231, 1625 and other models.

    It is usually used in leather fields such as leather bags, leather shoes, etc.Equipped with professional industrial cameras and projectors.It can take into account the functions of punching, cutting, taking pictures to extract material outline, Identify material defects, automatic typesetting and other functions.

cutting process

    Check the leather-Manually mark defects-Take a photo to extract the contour of the dermis-automatic nesting-High precision/high efficiency cutting

About Yuchon leather cutting machine


1:High-resolution projection for higher work efficiency

2:Automatic typesetting can maximize material saving

3:Maintain the cutting effect under high-speed cutting

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