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Yuchon Sound Insulation Cotton Cutting Machine

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Yuchon Sound Insulation Cotton Cutting Machine

    Types of soundproof cotton: polyester fiber sound insulation cotton, glass fiber sound insulation cotton, EVA sound insulation cotton and so on.

    The role of sound insulation cotton: it can be made into wall panels, ceilings, etc. according to acoustic requirements. It can effectively absorb a lot of sound in the room, reduce the noise in the room, and has good sound absorption characteristics.

    How to find a perfect sound insulation cotton cutting solution, contact Yuchen.

    Yuchen soundproof cotton cutting machine work table can choose 1600*2500mm, 1800m*2500m, 2000*25000m three standard models, support customer customization.

    According to material types, material thickness, choose pneumatic oscillating knife cutting tool, oscillating knife cutting tool, V cutting tool, milling cutter, etc. for processing. High-performance tools cut all sound insulation cotton sheet materials at quality levels that will blow away the competition.

Yuchen digital cutting machine let you to achieve all the steps required for sound insulation cotton cutting---with one machine!

    The advantages of sound insulation cotton cutting machine:

    1. Save labor:

    The equipment integrates automatic feeding, cutting, slotting, punching, and unloading.

    The whole machine can replace 4-6 laborers, saving a lot of labor costs every year.

    2. High efficiency:

    The equipment is equipped with servo motors imported from Japan, the running speed

    can reach 2000mm per second, and the processing speed is faster.

    3. Small tolerance:

    The equipment adopts the pulse positioning system, and the cutting accuracy error is ±0.01mm.

    4. Material saving: The equipment has an intelligent nesting system, which saves more than 15% of materials compared to manual nesting, which greatly reduces the production cost of the product and enhances the competitiveness of the product.

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