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Yuchon leather cutting machine

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Yuchon leather cutting machine

Yuchon oscillating knife leather cutting machine is an intelligent cutter with blade cutting, with automatic defect recognition software, automatic identification of material contours and defects, automatic layout, and improved material utilization.

Taking cowhide as an example, the first layer of leather is renamed cow leather, while the second layer of cowhide is artificial leather with cowhide fibers, officially called microfiber synthetic leather. The top layer leather is relatively high-quality leather, and the material is expensive. It needs to be cut by a very experienced and experienced master, otherwise it will cause a lot of waste of materials, and the labor cost of an experienced master is very high. Second, as long as it is manual cutting, there will be mistakes , so it is necessary to use machinery to standardize production.

Yuchon cowhide cutting machine can solve the problems of most leather processing manufacturers, and help leather processing manufacturers reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Leather cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. Save materials and avoid waste. The equipment adopts intelligent blade cutting, automatically extracts material outlines, and automatically typeset cutting. Compared with manual typesetting, it can save more than 15% of materials, and can automatically calculate the material utilization area.

2. The cutting accuracy is difficult. The equipment adopts a pulse positioning system, and the positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, but the specific cutting accuracy needs to be calculated according to the flexibility of the material.

3. The cutting efficiency is difficult, the equipment running speed is 1500mm/s, and the cutting efficiency is higher.

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