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coil mat CNC cutting machine

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coil mat CNC cutting machine

    coil mat CNC cutting machine, a cutting equipment that pays more attention to cutting quality

    The coil mat is a kind of household product with good functionality and quality. It can not only effectively scrape the mud, but also isolate the dust outside the door and increase the quality of the living environment. Warm feeling, improve the quality of life.

    coil mats have become an indispensable part of home furnishing, and various manufacturers are aiming at the opportunity and trying to show their grand plans. However, it has to be pointed out that w  ith the continuous increase in the market share of coil mats, the pressure on manufacturers is also gradually increasing, especially in the face of personalized small batch production customization!

    If the small batch custom production uses manual labor, it cannot guarantee the cutting accuracy in the face of the puzzle mosaic process, and it is difficult to meet the customer's requirements, nor can it guarantee the manual cutting speed. Coupled with the high salary and difficult management of professional tailors, it can be seen that the risk factor of manual cutting is very high.

    In response to these problems, Yuchen independently developed carpet cutting equipment to help users solve problems in a large area, effectively increase factory production capacity, reduce costs and increase efficiency!

    Yuchen carpet cutting machine adopts self-developed control software, which can intelligently control carpet cutting globally, import the customized carpet pattern to be cut with one click, and automatically recognize and intelligently cut by the machine. The entire equipment can be controlled globally by only 1-2 people, effectively solving the problems of recruitment difficulties and employee management.

    Yuchen carpet cutting machine has super nesting master software, with Japanese Panasonic servo system and Taiwan linear guide drive system, it can not only save raw materials by more than 15%, but also improve the production efficiency when the cutting error is within 0.1mm. 4 times more!

    In addition, the unique tool quick exchange system enables easy cutting of various soft and hard materials, and easy cutting of carpets of various flexible materials. The cutting is smoke-free, environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic. Many carpet and floor leather manufacturers choose!

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