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fabric cutting machine

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fabric cutting machine

Fabric cutting is the process of cutting samples from designated fabrics to make garments. This is the main operation of the cutting chamber. Of all the operations in the cutting room, this is the most decisive, because once the fabric is cut, it is almost impossible to correct serious errors.

Generally speaking, the textile cutting table is the first process of clothing production, and its content is to cut fabrics, linings and other materials into garment pieces according to the layout and marking requirements. It also includes layout, unfolding, counting, and gray fabric defects. Borrowing cutting, aggregate cutting, cutting, inspection, numbering, binding, etc.

The cutting speed and accuracy of clothing fabrics are very important in the entire clothing production process, so it is very important to choose the right CNC textile cutting equipment, so how to choose the right cutting equipment for your company?

How to choose the right cutting equipment

There are mainly two types of fabric cutting machines, computer-operated cutting machines and manually-operated cutting tools, which are used to cut fabrics into different shapes. Examples include straight knives, manual knives, belt knives, and computer knives.

Computerized knives are the most accurate and fastest. When the amount of fabric is small, straight knives are sufficient. The belt knife has better cutting accuracy than the straight knife. Manual shears can be used to cut single or even double layers, although this is time-consuming.

Nowadays, more and more personalized clothing is customized, which is different from previous styles and sizes. There are more small batches. If it is cut with electric scissors, it needs to make patterns, draw pictures and cut. There are more styles and cardboard. There will be many, but simple cardboard will occupy a lot of factories. Personally feel that the cutting accuracy of electric scissors is relatively low, so it is not recommended to use cnc fabric cutting table for cutting.

You can choose a fully automatic fabric cutting machine. One piece of equipment can replace 4-6 workers, and the accuracy is much higher than that of electric scissors. If you are interested, you can learn more about specific information.

Automatic cloth cutting equipment includes vibrating knife cloth cutting machine, laser cloth cutting machine, straight knife cloth cutting machine, multi-layer fabric cutting table, etc., all of which can cut cloth. Among them, automatic cutting machines include vibrating knife cutting machines, laser cutting machines, and multi-layer cutting machines. We will focus on the vibrating knife automatic fabric cutting machine.


What types of clothing textile digital cutting machines are there?

Drive rotary cutter cutting machine plus projection assist system.

This recommendation is suitable for the processing and cutting of small garments, whose output is lower than that of large manufacturers, saving labor, materials and other actual processing environments.

The CNC fabric cutting machine driven by the rotary knife has a high cutting efficiency. It can cut 1000-3000 pieces per day, replacing 4-6 pieces of manual cutting efficiency, fully computerized, with automatic feeding system, one-person operation, and labor-saving. The equipment is equipped with an over-discharge system, the material utilization rate is increased to more than 95%, and the cloth is saved.

The projection assistance system can cut materials with grids and strips, which is not possible with the equipment of large manufacturers, and is also a unique advantage of the fabric circular knife cutting machine. It can be used to produce customized plaid shirts and plaid suits.

The blade is driven by a servo motor to make the material rotate at a high speed, and the cutting edge has no threads or burrs. It can be equipped with a round blade to cut the back of fur without shaving. Especially suitable for cutting all kinds of artificial fur materials

When cutting quilting, wool or very loose materials, the machine will increase the suction function. Materials include shearing wool, coral fleece, wool blending, shearing wool, fur leather, etc.


The function of the commonly used CNC fabric garment digital cutting machine

1. Intelligent punching: Through servo control and die punching technology, small area pattern punching of leather, PU and other materials can be accurately positioned, and patterns of different shapes and sizes can be punched out by replacing the punch.

2. Large field of view positioning system: due to the temperature, humidity, ink, pressure, stretching, wrinkles and other factors of the flexible material, the pattern is deformed. The original file outline cannot be used to accurately cut the actual pattern. It uses high-precision camera and contour extraction function for real-time capture, can accurately identify and extract real-time workpiece image contours, and perform precise nesting cutting, especially in the printing apparel fabric industry.

3. Intelligent line drawing: using imported high-speed nozzles and high-temperature matting inks, cutting, positioning, marking, and drawing lines on shoes, luggage leather, mesh cloth and other materials, without the need for plate making, high efficiency, high precision, and ink saving

4. Intelligent typesetting and typesetting system: graphics can be graded and modified in the software, the typesetting is intelligent, the typesetting is reasonable, and the typesetting can be automatically arranged according to the typesetting size, reducing material waste

5. The visual positioning function is small: the marking points on the workpiece are scanned by the high-definition CCD for precise positioning, and the patterned clothing fabric is accurately cut

6. Intelligent desktop compensation function: detect the flatness of the desktop through a high-precision rangefinder, and correct the plane in real time through the software to ensure high-quality cutting results

7. Projection positioning system: In the actual cutting process, it is difficult for users to accurately align the material with the cutting pattern. The system can project the cutting graphics on the processing table 1:1, which is convenient for users to load and align. Users can also place irregular zero materials in the projection area for alignment and cutting, which greatly improves the utilization of zero materials


If you have anything else you want to know, you can leave a message or email us in the background. If it is convenient, you can tell us the fabric, shape and size to be cut, and we will recommend suitable models and cutting tools for you.


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