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fabric sample cutting machines

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fabric sample cutting machines

Yuchen is a manufacturer of fabric sample cutting machines at a rate. We manufacture compact designs to provide a spacious working environment without compromising the characteristics. Our fabric sample cutting machine is popular because of its long service life and simple function.


Considering that textile and sewing companies need to provide fabric samples for catalogs or displays, we have developed an efficient and portable sample cutting machine that can easily cut a large number of samples with uniform patterns.


With rich industry experience, we are able to manufacture and export various precision-manufactured super cutting machines. This is well-known for dimensional accuracy, sturdy structure and corrosion resistance. The products provided are designed and manufactured by our capable professionals, using the best grade materials and advanced technology. According to the specific requirements of customers, we provide garment sample cutting machines of various specifications at the most affordable price.


In order to meet the precise requirements of customers, the products provided can be customized in different specifications, and various quality parameters are tested to ensure the best quality and durability.

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