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flatbed cutter plotter

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flatbed cutter plotter

Yuchen fully automatic feeding flatbed cutter plotter adopts automatic paper feeding suction cup and automatic lifting feeding platform and cooperates with various knives to complete the production processes such as full cutting, half cutting, creasing and marking at high speed and accuracy. It is suitable for all kinds of paper jams, cutting of honeycomb board, corrugated paper, vertical corrugated PVC, EVA, EPE, blanket, resin board, foam, corrugated plastic,foam board and other materials.

The advantage of Yuchen flatbed cutter plotter:

1. The whole machine adopts an integrated structure, the model is small and the minimum area is only 2 square meters. Comes with rotation wheels, easy to move.

2. Automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic cutting, one-key start, no need for labor.

3. Flexible, efficient and intelligent. High efficiency, continuous cutting, low energy consumption.

4. Red light induction, precise positioning, with a suspended suction cup can accurately grasp each material.

5. Equipped with a variety of cutting tools, three kinds of tools are used together, and the processing thickness of a single material can reach 6mm, which is suitable for processing a variety of materials.

6. Pneumatic indentation knife the knife pressure can reach 4 kg, the indentation effect is clear and easy to fold.

7. High-precision visual acquisition system: cooperate with high-definition CCD camera to realize automatic and precise alignment and cutting of various materials.

8. Self-developed software, easy to operate, click to start processing and no need for cumbersome set- tings.

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