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non-woven fabric CNC YUCHEN cutting machine

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non-woven fabric CNC YUCHEN cutting machine

The non-woven fabric material is composed of oriented fibers or random fibers, mainly using polypropylene (pp material) particles as raw materials. After the non-woven fabric is formed, it needs to be tailored into various objects.


Non-woven material is a very light and thin material. When it is placed flat on the desktop, it is easy to tilt upwards and is not easy to level. Therefore, the non-woven fabric needs to have a strong adsorption force on the table when cutting. The non-woven fabric is covered with a layer of airtight film to open the adsorption to form a vacuum environment, which is convenient for cutting work.


Advantages of non-woven fabric CNC cutting machine:

1. Personalized customization of vacuum adsorption platform

2. Strong wind, no matter how thick it is, it can be perfectly absorbed

3. Flexible material cutting, vertical cutting without taper, no burrs on the edge


Yuchen provides solutions for professional material cutting in the industry. We have our own design and R&D team, and the quality of the CNC cutting machine is at the leading level in the industry. CNC cutting machines have become a popular trend in flexible cutting due to their environmental protection, pollution-free, high precision, fast speed, and strong versatility. It will replace traditional cutting and achieve higher production efficiency in the future.


Our CNC cutting machine can not only cut non-woven fabrics and other textile fabrics, but also suitable for composite materials market, packaging material market, leather market, gasket market, advertising industry, carpet industry


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