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sound insulation board cutting machine

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sound insulation board cutting machine

    There are two kinds of vibration, one is the vibration generated by its own vibration, and the other is the vibration generated by the energy transmitted by the sound, and the shock-absorbing sound insulation board can effectively reduce the vibration and isolate the sound. Therefore, most modern decorations directly use sound insulation. The board is soft-packed, which not only isolates the sound, but also reduces the vibration caused by resonance, making the living environment more secure and comfortable. Because it is a soft bag, there are higher requirements for the aesthetics of the material, and the cutting accuracy and effect are higher.

    The advantages of vibrating knife cutting machine for cutting shock-absorbing sound insulation panels:

    The vibrating knife cutting machine has the characteristics of high cutting precision, multiple functions, high efficiency and good cutting effect.

    1.High precision, the equipment adopts Panasonic servo motor, pulse positioning, positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm, cutting accuracy ± 0.5mm, zero error in repeated cutting.

    2. Multi-function, the equipment integrates cutting and grooving, automatic cutting, which can replace 4-6 labors.

    3. High efficiency, the equipment adopts self-developed control system, and the running speed can reach 2000mm/s.

    4. The cutting effect is good, the equipment adopts tungsten steel blade with a thickness of 1-3mm, and there is no sawtooth and no burr for cutting.

    5. Environmental protection, the equipment is cut with a blade, and the cutting is smoke-free and dust-free.

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