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Packaging Industry:Corrugated Cardboard Cutting Machine

CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine is mainly for production of carton, cardboard, paper, labels, adhesive stickers, packaging, thin plastic sheet and so on.

- auto sheet loading and receiving

- CCD camera registration system for precise cutting

- drag cut kiss-cut,creasing and drawing0 in one pass

- Intelligentize control and easy to operate

- Exact cutting size and high cutting speed

Machine working video

Cardboard Cutting Machine Introduction:

1.Flexible replacement oF multi-funtion heads and cutting tools for cutting different materials.

2.Oscillating knife cutting ,fast speed and high efficiency.

3.Using knife instead of laser cutting, no enviromental pollution and no burnt edge of material, precision cutting with perfect cutting performance, clean and smooth edge. 

4.Compared with manual cutting, no manual patterning, saving materials and labor, more convenient and faster. 

5.Software is easy to operate, simple and convenient. It is equipped with perfect automatic typesetting software which saves materials and reduces costs.

Cardboard Cutting Machine Technical Parameters:

Model YC-1625L 
Working area 2500×1600mm
Operation properties

Online / offline operation; continuous cutting with high efficiency

, 7*24 with zero downtime

Safety device

Infrared blocking device,Emergency stop button switch, Intelligent

anti-collision device.

Max. cutting speed 1200mm/s
No-load speed 1500mm/s
Multifunctional head  cutting tools Oscillating knife cutting tool, V-cutting tool, Creasing wheel etc. 
Cutting thickness 0.1-20mm (subject to material) ; 0.1-60mm(Optional)
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Transmission interface Ethernet
Transmission system Panasonic Servo Motor
SMTYCC Linear rail and rack
Fixed mode Vacuum absorb
Supply voltage AC 220V 380V±10%,50HZ
Rated power 11KW or others

Machine details:

Machine details

Cutting material:

cake box

Cake Box

honeycomb cardboard box

Honeycomb Cardboard

corrugated cardboard box

Corrugated Cardboard Box

Cutting tool:


Big Power Oscillating Cutting Tool


Oscillating Cutting Tool

V Cutting Tool

V Cutting Tool

Recommended machine:








Automitive Interior Industry 

Apparel Industry

Leather/Shoe Industry
Household Furnishing
Gasket Industry
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